BCM 215

Critical Reflection: Beta Comments

Post One: https://timsincaseyoumissedit.blogspot.com/2019/09/crunchy-bytes-prototype.html Screenshot (36).png

For my first comment, I looked at Tim’s blog post. Tim’s project, entitled ‘Crunchy Bytes’, is a video essay, focusing on the hardware limitations of the original Sony PlayStation, and how developers were able to get around these limitations through specific techniques. The essay will focus on 2 specific games, one of which being Crash Bandicoot.

As for my feedback, I pointed Tim in the direction of a YouTube video, which, after I watched it, seemed highly relevant for the direction he is taking his digital artefact. I also encouraged him to use a bit simpler language at times, especially while breaking down the specs of the console, as people without prior knowledge might find these parts hard to understand.

As someone who doesn’t know a lot about video game development, it was very interesting to scroll through some of the sources that Tim has listed throughout, but I mentioned that I thought he should have talked about some of them specifically in the beta.


Blog Post Two: https://kianaspaige.wordpress.com/2019/09/20/going-afk-back-online/

Screenshot (37).png

For my second blog post, I looked at Kiana’s project. Kiana’s project is a podcast entitled “Going AFK”, and ‘looks at the issues of cyberbullying and online harassment within online and multiplayer gaming’.

For my feedback, I told her that while I like the idea of a podcast discussing online bullying and harassment, I thought it was a bit unfocused, and would benefit from a case study on a particular game, or game genre, and pointed out Call of Duty and Overwatch as potential talking points in the future podcasts. I then linked to an article talking about how the video game industry was dealing with online harassment, which seemed highly relevant to her chosen topic. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/02/26/racism-misogyny-death-threats-why-cant-booming-video-game-industry-curb-toxicity/

I then moved on to her discussion of her reddit questions (here and here respectively), which I believe she put too much emphasis on throughout. I then moved on to an interesting study I found, that linked the playing of more mature and violent video games, led to an increase in bullying and cyber bullying in adolescent boys, something which I again, thought could be discussed in the podcast.

I then offered her one last case study, which was the short lived website of bullyhunters.org, and the aftermath of their only ever livestream, which become a meme.

As someone who used to be quite involved in online Call of Duty gameplay several years ago, I am quite familiar with cyber bullying and its potential effects, but I am still eager to learn more about the subjects.

Blog Post Three: https://chrisblogsuni.wordpress.com/2019/09/20/the-beta-bcm215/comment-page-1/#comment-53

Screenshot (38).png

For my third blog post I looked at Chris’ blog. Chris has changed his project from the pitches, opting now for a much more laid back and chilled out (so he called it) podcast called Comino and Cuff, which he is doing with Tim. The episodes are centred on issues with gaming, with the first one being on micro-transactions, especially in the game Runescape.

In my feedback, I tried to help Chris get a better understanding of what he wants to accomplish in his podcasts. He said that he wanted to talk about subjects related to gaming, which is extremely broad to me. While it is possible that keeping the focus would allow for more creative freedom while recording, I feel like a slightly clearer focus would provide significantly more depth to the analysis offered in the podcasts.

Keeping on the topic of focus and analysis, Chris said that he would come up with a different analytical framework for each episode, which I think sounds really time consuming, and kind of a waste of time.

In his blog post, he spends a lot of time talking about Runescape as a game, and putting it in context, and I feel like some of this effort could have been put into an acknowledgement of some secondary sources, or extra materials that he thought he could use.

For this round of comments, I tried to engage a bit more with the projects that were on display, and offer suggestions and academic sources and popular sources that could use to help flesh out their ideas a little more. I still think that I could offer more academic sources, and look at lecture content as a means to further engage with their digital artefacts.

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