BCM 302

BCM 302 Peer Review

Hardwood Rundown – Jack Ridoutt

Firstly as a big basketball fan (Magic unfortunately) myself I like the approach you have outlined here in your pitch. I’m not sure about the timing of the project, as even though the season is still ongoing, I’m not sure if you will have enough material to make content out of once the season is over, but I guess you could move on and talk about free agency and all the stories that come through there. Even though you pointed out video making as a strength of yours, I wouldn’t look past the potential power of memes and especially gifs, if you are planning on watching the games anyway, making some even basic memes or gifs could really help boost your engagement. I like how you leave it open for potential expansion into video games, as I know that 2K is a popular game, and even a video on your thoughts on the demo could be successful. If you are looking for a little inspiration on content, I would recommend looking at j_persources on Instagram or Dom2k’s Twitter Police. Yeah, solid project here and I’m interested to see how it goes, especially as playoff action begins to ramp up.


Beyond the Female Sport – Shayla

I think its cool that you have decided to build off of a previous DA while also branching out a bit, the experience from the first DA should hopefully provide some great insights or potential podcast contacts that will help make this project a success. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the name You mentioned the podcasts being part of a series, ideally, how long will each one be? And will you have a set of questions like an actual interview or just have a conversation with your guests? Maybe you could have a segment close to or at the end where you ask a question posed by the listeners, as that could be a good way to maintain engagement with your audience. I like how you move the focus from the sporting field to behind the scenes talking about what life is like as an athlete. This seems pretty unique to me and could lead to some very interesting conversations with your guests. Also, how are the podcasts going to be recorded? Do you plan on using something like Zoom or maybe an audio platform like Anchor or Soundcloud? Either way this sounds like a potentially interesting project and I wish you luck in your quest to interview the best of womens sports.

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